Cure addiction Guf is preparing to surprise the audience

Вылечившийся от зависимости Гуф готовится удивить публику The rapper returned to Russia and give a concert. As found by the fans and a number of publications, the musician was in a rehabilitation center in Israel, where people overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. In early December the Guf will please fans of the new concert program.

      Long time rapper Guf not been in touch with family, friends and fans, and also reversed zaplanirovany concerts. It later emerged that the contractor was in Israel. By the pictures in the microblog artist, the fans and the number of publications found that he was treated at the clinic “Phoenix” near tel-Amvam. Addiction pursued the actor for several years, but now he decided to start a new life.

      37-year-old musician told nobody about his plans, he only hinted to the fans that in the near future his views will change much. In the clinic, which was Alex, next to him was a mentor. He was sure that the health of the patient were not threatened, watched, how is the treatment and how positive effect on General health of the star.

      Rapper Guf explained why permanently disappeared

      In his microblog in Instagram Gough published a photo from the hospital along with other patients who faced the same problem. During the month Alexey Dolmatov several times a week met with a psychologist, he attended group sessions of art therapy and psychodrama. All of this was to help the artist to say goodbye to your former life. A great influence on the health of the musician rendered environment. He talked a lot with the patients, they shared with him their experiences and made plans for the future.

      In addition to rehabilitation at the clinic, the rapper visited the Holy places of Jerusalem. On his page in the social network, he published a picture of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which went to a religious mission. Apparently, the trip to Israel was rebuilt Alexey Dolmatov and contributed to the fact that it is no longer used prohibited means.

      Members learned of the incident, supported his idol and congratulated him with this difficult decision. According to them, the performer deserves respect, since not every public person is willing to agree to such. They Express the hope that after such a long trip, he continued to delight the audience with new songs. After returning to Russia Guf presented songs to the residents of Serpukhov, and 2 Dec is preparing a surprise for Muscovites.