Cube Fidget toy that blew up the Internet

Кубик Fidget — игрушка, которая взорвала Интернет

Surely, everyone has noticed how, during a boring lecture, meeting or any monotonous exercises, there is an urgent need for something poterebit in hand, to flip a ballpoint pen, transfer coins, draw something in the notebook. And if you get rid of this habit you can’t, then why not get a special gadget that will allow you to take your hands.

Кубик Fidget — игрушка, которая взорвала Интернет

Recently on Kickstarter began collecting funds for the production of toys for those who can not be bored quietly. The new product is called Fidget, she is a small cube, with each face of which can interact in different ways. It is noteworthy that at the requested amount of 15 thousand dollars, the developers in a short time managed to collect more than 5.5 million. Certainly, even the creators seemed to be a comic device, not expected that their products need such a large number of people.

Let’s look at what can Fidget

  • On one facet are 3 trigger buttons and two push silently.
  • The second face is a joystick, like those used in consoles.
  • On the third face rassolozhen switch, according to the principle of resembling an electric light switch.
  • On the fourth side there is a oval recess, the edges of which you can explore with your fingers.
  • The fifth face has three wheels, like a combination lock, and a rotating metal ball.
  • On the sixth face is a rotating disk-like volume control.

Cost new is $ 19.