Кубинская вечеринка: Мадонна с размахом отметила 58-летие

On the feast were invited only relatives and friends of the singer.

On 16 August, his birthday, Madonna with children and close friends went on a trip to Cuba. A celebrity staying in a five star hotel in Havana and immediately went for a walk. The day she went sightseeing and talked with the locals, and that night he had arranged a big party at a local restaurant.

Under the tag #happybirthdaymadonna we were able to find photos and video from the day of birth star. And, judging by the publications, the festival was a success: Madonna received congratulations from both family and from local residents, and then under the applause of the guests began to dance with Cuban dancer.

My party singer chose a flamboyant outfit (as always): a black blouse with a deep neckline, a black skirt with yellow flowers and a black hat.

Family Style Cuban Mambo!

Video posted by Madonna (@madonna) on Aug 16 2016 at 6:25 am PDT

Fans of Madonna appreciated it. As soon as the celebrity posted a selfie to Instagram, I immediately received many compliments and rave reviews.

When this star did not remain in debt to his subscribers and thanked them for their congratulations and warm words in the address.

“Thank you to all my fans and everyone who congratulated me on my birthday! You know how to make a girl feel special!” – said the singer in one of their publications.

By the way!

The other day my birthday was celebrated and Timothy. On his 33rd birthday, the founder of the Black Star invited guests in the most pathetic club in the world in Monte Carlo. At the party there were many stars of domestic show-business, but perhaps the most famous guest was the designer Philipp plein, who is a good friend of the birthday boy.

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