“Crying, worried,” Irina Dubtsova has taken a hard decision

«Плачем, переживаем»: Ирина Дубцова приняла тяжелое решение
Singer looking for a new family for your beloved pet.

Irina Dubtsova with a cat Kasper

Photo: @dubtsova_official Instagram Irina Dubtsova

Irina Dubtsova has shared sad news. In the next few days her beloved cat Casper breed Maine Coon permanently leaves the home. The fact is that because of allergies the son of actress doctors strongly recommend Irina to abandon animals in the house. Dubtsova said that he had delayed the moment of parting as best they could, but still started looking for Casper new family.

«Dear friends! Sorry to delay this sad moment, we can’t do it. The doctors have forbidden us from Artem to keep in house cats… Crying, suffering, looking for the kindest hands in the world”, — said Irina.

Willing to shelter the cat at home Dubtsova was very much. Probably in the next few days the singer will opt for the proper owner. Incidentally, because the same allergic son Irina — Artem every spring interrupts the learning in school. The flowering period Dubtsova takes him out of the country, most often in the Maldives. By the way, Allergy Artem inherited from my mom. The singer also exacerbated the disease. In 2016 Irina even disrupted the speech in Gomel because of the Allergy attack. Then the actress became ill during a concert, after which she “went” to the hospital.