«Плачут небеса»: каким запомнился погибший в автокатастрофе Ратмир Шишков A graduate of “star Factory-4” departed this life at the age of 19. Ratmir Shishkov crashed in an accident when their car crashed into another in the center of Moscow. For several days the fans were hoping that the musician was not at that moment in the car. The young man left newborn daughter.
«Плачут небеса»: каким запомнился погибший в автокатастрофе Ратмир Шишков

11 years ago, on 22 March 2007, died in a car accident a talented musician Ratmir Shishkov. The young man was only 19 years old. Fans still can’t believe the tragic death of the artist. They continue to listen to his songs and watch video with his participation.

A wide audience of Ratmir Shishkov became famous thanks to the project of the First channel “Factory of stars”. Young people participated in the 4th season. Despite the fact that at the time he was only 15 years old, the producers drew attention to the bright teen and gave him a chance to prove themselves. In “the star house” the artist met other talented artists. Timati, Dominik Joker, Ratmir Shishkov and Anastasia Kochetkova joined the group “Banda”. The team managed to release an album, but broke up after the tragic death of lead singer.

“I’ll never forget our first meeting with Ratmir, – told the “StarHit” Dominik Joker. He came right up to me and said, “Janice know?” – meaning of Jean Milimerov, the soloist of group “PM” (at the time the team was still called “Prime Minister”. – Ed.”). I said, “yeah, I know.” – “So this is my brother,” said Ratmir and turned away with such a proud look. He’s a kid who knows how to enjoy everything – extra “Snickers” in the pocket. Ratmir very good. In the “Gang” he was very bright and not broken man.”

Cousin Shishkova Jean Milimerov supported him during his participation in “Factory of stars”. They even prepared a joint air – played the song “Two minutes”. The soloist of group “PM” nostalgic of that period.

“He lived the music, absorbed her, since childhood, dreamed of the stage. When we were on the “star Factory”, many were discussing that we have not only the voices are similar, and even chips some. I was very pleased to hear it,” – said the “StarHit” Milimerov.

Ratmir from childhood grew up in a musical family. His mother Lilya Shishkova singer of ballads and head of the team “roses in the snow” – often took his son in his speeches. “We artists constantly, since childhood, went with them on tour and saw them on stage, we didn’t have no chance to become artists! Of course, we communicated more when he was in the “Factory”. We have a age difference of almost ten years, and I do a lot of touring. But he was always in touch, intersect at common concerts, parties, weekend vacation together,” – says the musician.

«Плачут небеса»: каким запомнился погибший в автокатастрофе Ратмир Шишков

Despite the fact that the life of cut short at the age of 19, he is survived by daughter Stephanie. Now she is 11 years old. Shishkov was the only child in the family. According to a cousin of the artist, Lala M. loves the girl and tries to spend as much time as possible.

“I followed aunt in social networks, talk on the phone. She puts a photo with the daughter of. I always admire her that she is doing well. For aunt Lyali it is an outlet, after all, she had only son,” says Jean.

Colleagues Shishkova across the stage also trying to support his mother and daughter.

“Periodically, we get to see Lala’s mother, talk on the phone. Stephanie was on my recital. It is, of course, very similar to it. I’m glad, though not for a very long time, but fate brought me with a man like Ratmir Shishkov,” admitted Dominik Joker.

Fans of the graduate of “factory of stars” still remember him a kind word. They listen to his songs and think: the guy could create a lot of good songs.

«Плачут небеса»: каким запомнился погибший в автокатастрофе Ратмир Шишков“Of course, Lala M. lives with this pain, it will never cease is the worst thing that can be. But I think fan clubs that continue to exist for many years in memory of her son, her cheer and support. I want to say thank you to the guys that I remember, it’s worth it,” – said Militarev.
«Плачут небеса»: каким запомнился погибший в автокатастрофе Ратмир Шишков
«Плачут небеса»: каким запомнился погибший в автокатастрофе Ратмир Шишков