"Cries": Andrey Norkin spoke about Sergey Lazarev in the light of geopolitical events, they flee the country and complain about life. Andrey Norkin spoke about Sergey Lazarev” /> Sergey Lazarev was hit especially hard. Cries”: Andrey Norkin spoke about Sergey Lazarev” />

So, with the start of the special operation in Ukraine, the singer tirelessly whines that every day he cries because of the situation in the world and cannot write songs. Like, there is no inspiration and he does not feel safe. These statements did not move Norkin to pity, on the contrary, he gloatingly noted the weakness of Seryozha's spirit. "Cries": Andrey Norkin spoke about Sergey Lazarev” />

“I recently read this: singer Sergey Lazarev admitted that he was crying from everything that was happening and could not create. They wrote to him, saying that Shostakovich could create in besieged Leningrad, but he cannot. Well, guys, what are you doing?” Andrey Norkin is indignant.

In his program, he also expressed confidence that all the “escaped” celebrities would soon return, because in Europe no one needs them and their songs too. But in Russia, the attitude of listeners towards them may change after “sudden, long-planned vacations.”

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