Круизный настрой: гости показа Беллы Потемкиной

When demonstrating shorts, sundresses, blouses, suits and brimmed hats, as in the sultry heat… On the embankment of the Moscow river was held the show of the cruise collection by star designer.

Alena Vodonaeva in red dress with sexy cleavage, Olga Buzova in a sundress the color of passion and Bella in a luxury mini… I Think red was the unofficial dress code of the party.

To see the cruise collection Bella Potemkina on the party on the embankment of the Moscow river came a stars: Anna Shulgina, Natalia Rudova, Anastasia Grebenkina, Alena Shishkova, Anastasia Stotskaya, Nelly Ermolaeva…

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The symbolic podium set on the water near the moored yachts. And finally to feel yourself somewhere in the Bahamas helped tanned models in sexy swimsuits, light dresses, revealing shorts, chiffon blouses and tight tops. Bright colors, decorated with beads and sequins formed the basis of the cruise collection. And what else, one wonders, on vacation want?

Ended the show with a demonstration of evening dresses that have become the hallmark of the brand.

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