Хорватия и еще 4 команды, которые «выстрелили» на чемпионатах мира и Европы
7days.ru recalls the sensational performances of “facelift”, the success of which before the start of the tournament nobody believed.

Хорватия и еще 4 команды, которые «выстрелили» на чемпионатах мира и Европы

The main creators of the current success of the Croatian — Luka Modric and Mario Mandzukic


Lovers of football have long been accustomed to that in two major football trophy
— World Cup (FIFA) and the Henri Delaunay trophy (CHE) from four — year to
four years fighting the same part of the “top” teams.

For the prize of the Old world constantly expect multiple Champions or prize-winners of the world Cup and Champions matches — Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and England, and in the struggle for the world Cup added to them and titled
Latin American teams — Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

However, the history of the most popular sports of our time remembers when
Championships sensationally “shoot” team”middling” in
the success of which no one initially believed.

Today we will tell readers about five of the national teams, who, not being
the favorites, managed to create a miracle — to win medals at major football tournaments in the world.

1. Croatia is a finalist for the 2018 world Cup

Luka Modric and company have already surpassed the achievements of the “Golden” generation of Croats and the legendary Davor? Uker

When started
the group stage of the 2018 world Cup in
Russia, the bookmakers regarding
chances Croatia were disappointing.
According to football experts, the chances
“checkers” (as a command called because of the
colors shapes — checkered
) to the output
in the playoffs was regarded as

the favorite of group D was considered
Argentina with Lionel Messi, and the Croats,
according to preliminary forecasts,
had to struggle for an output from the second
place with the national team of Nigeria. However, in the first
match of Croatia, located on the
20 positions of the FIFA ranking, strongly
the flight was interrupted by the Nigerian “Super
The eagles” (2:0), and
then a stone was left from
“blue and white” (3:0), completely changing the balance of power in the group.

the third match of the clear outsider of the group
Iceland — Croatia with nine points
confidently reached the final of the 2018 world Cup. On the way to the final, the Croats showed miracles of endurance: in three overtimes in a row they had won a difficult victory over the national teams
Denmark, Russia (in 1/8 and 1/4 finals, both on penalties) and England
(1/2 final, 2:1 after 120 minutes of play).

the success of Croatia is the game with France for the world Cup and at least a silver medal is, without a doubt, the collective merit of the coach
Zlatko Galicia, the leading players of team: the leader of the Croatian midfielder
Luka Modric, striker Mario Mandzukic, goalkeeper Daniel
Subasic and other players on the team.

By the way, modern Croatian players
has already surpassed the “Golden” generation
the Croats, led by the legendary Davor Suker,
won a bronze medal at the
the 1998 world Cup.

2. USSR —
2nd place at Euro 1988

The title of Vice-champion of Europe became the last major success of the national team of the Soviet Union

Хорватия и еще 4 команды, которые «выстрелили» на чемпионатах мира и Европы

Football legends: Ruud Gullit and Rinat Dasaev


consistently strong team, the national team of the USSR in 1980-ies could not boast of good results in the international
tournaments. The last major success of the Soviet team at that time was “silver”
the European championship in 1972, and after several years began a series bezmetallny, and sometimes disastrous performances.

One of the main failures of that period is the absence of the Soviet national team at Euro 1984, which led to the immediate dismissal of Valeriy Lobanovskiy as the chief coach of the team, and recognition appropriate to bring him in
further this work. However
life has made adjustments.

Due to the poor results of the national team on the eve of the Mexican championship in 1986, caused panic among sports officials, well-known trainer urgently returned. And under his leadership the team
The Soviet Union later made one final in their history with a loud “shot” — took
the second place is held in Germany, the European Championships of 1988.

At Euro 1988, the USSR team, the gate of which is securely protected one
of the best goalkeepers in the history
the national football Rinat Dasaev,
created several sensations.
At the group stage our team
recorded in the net win (1:0) on the future
champion — the national team of Holland with its “great Trinity” — Marco
van Basten, Ruud Gullit and Frank
Rijkaard. In the semifinals, the Soviet players even more
confidently beat the “squadra Azzurra” —
Italy (2:0), and the Dutch in other
the semi-finals defeated the (2:1) the main favourites and owners
of the tournament — the Germans.

game of the USSR-the Netherlands became the main
decoration European tournament. Power
teams were approximately equal, but the outcome
“gold” the match was decided by the superiority of
Dutch football superstars
an individual skill. The score after a powerful header opened Ruud Gullit, and then
Marco van Basten scored an incredible Dasaev
the execution and trajectory masterpiece, considered one of
the most beautiful in the history of European
Championships. Appointed in gate “orange” penalty could turn the tide of the match, but the goalkeeper parried the blow Belanova…

By the way, the title of
Vice-champion of EURO 1988 was the last
the success of the national team of the USSR on the main football
tournaments in the world (Olympic
game is not among them)
On the world Cup in 1990, our players failed
to leave the group, and at Euro 92, held after the collapse of the Soviet Union,
went football team

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Хорватия и еще 4 команды, которые «выстрелили» на чемпионатах мира и Европы

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  • Хорватия и еще 4 команды, которые «выстрелили» на чемпионатах мира и Европы
    Andrey Arshavin

Хорватия и еще 4 команды, которые «выстрелили» на чемпионатах мира и Европы

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