Critics trashed the film “fifty shades darker”

Критики разгромили фильм «На пятьдесят оттенков темнее»

Something happened that was expected by millions of viewers around the world – premiere of the film “fifty shades darker”. The painting was presented to the fans of “strawberries” last week. The premiere of the film-makers was dated to the most romantic holiday of the year – Valentine’s Day.

Despite the great hype and hope of fans that a sequel to “Fifty shades of grey” will be more meaningful than the first film, this did not happen.

Critics in the nines criticized the painting, calling it “half is more watchable than the first part.”

While The Daily Mirror claims that if you want to watch a movie about a playboy billionaire with a penchant for darkness, violence and masks, it is better to choose the picture “LEGO Movie: Batman”.

But not everyone was so adamant and negative attitude towards the film.

For example, the Deadline stated that the sequel is boring and that the movie is a killer soundtrack that is performed, we recall, Zayn Malik and Taylor swift.

Many critics came to the conclusion that the trilogy of “shades of grey” as a whole is not bad – a simple script, the predictability of the plot and characters makes the trilogy an average movie for viewing that does not need to strain the head.