Criticism of fans enraged Natalya Podolskaya

Критика фанатов вывела из себя Наталью Подольскую
The singer entered with the spiteful critics in dialogue.

Natalia Podolskaya

Photo: @nataliapodolskaya (Instagram Natalia Podolsky)

Natalia Podolskaya I could not tolerate criticism. The fact that the last few outs of the singer in the light was to put it mildly, not warmly received by her fans. The fans do not mince words, expressed his opinion about the poor choice of clothes of the singer and gave unsolicited advice on the development of a sense of style.

It turned out that Natalia is not one of those who will humbly read hateful comments and not pay attention to them. Podolsky has shown character and is very sharply reacted to the comments of the subscribers.

“Why bother to write a nasty person? Really can’t understand it!! If you do not like, angry, annoyed… Close your eyes and pass away!! I understand the impulse, when a nice person wants to say. And stuff? Why? What’s inside these people?? If there is goodness, light, love, harmony? People!! Muck — mucks back! A good — good!” — wrote Natalia.

Friends of the artist supported Podolsk in the comments. Incidentally the other day in a similar situation and got a friend of Natalia and the wife of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova. She, however, got not from their own fans and from the famous blogger — Elena Miro. The star of the Internet really made unflattering comments about the appearance of Julia, and thus provoked a scandal.