Криштиану Роналду вскоре снова станет отцом

Many children do not happen! Portuguese athlete Cristiano Ronaldo, who has the eldest son of Christian, Jr., and the twins MATEO and ava, born last month to a surrogate mother, will again become a dad, and this time the baby will give him a lovely woman.

Media have reported that Ronaldo girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez was expecting a baby, but he this information is not confirmed, moreover, the actress said that this is false information. Supposedly in the picture, where Cristiano put his hand on the stomach of Georgiana, he just put his hand on the stomach of Georgiana, and nothing more. Saying that there is nothing to look for a black cat in a dark room. But soon the paparazzi have caught the couple on vacation and noticed that the midsection of the models and really rounded. Now insiders say that the pregnancy Rodriguez five months, and that means that by the end of the year, the player will become a dad again.
The publication Metro reports that 32-year-old Portuguese and his 23-year-old girlfriend regularly visit the doctor and even made different kind of tests to make sure baby is all right.
“They are happy that they will have a child. Everyone loves Georgina and consider their relationship with Cristiano perfect,” says the insider.
By the way, to make twins Cristiano could his sister Kate. But a direct question. is she a surrogate mother to her nephews, the woman evasively answered: “Everything can happen”, and her son Dennis answered in the affirmative. However, a spokesman for the family said that the guy didn’t understand the question.