Cristiano Ronaldo owes the authorities of Spain for 15 million euros

Криштиану Роналду задолжал властям Испании 15 млн евро

Famous striker of FC real Madrid and the Portuguese national team, richest football player Cristiano Ronaldo is accused by the Spanish authorities, in deviation from payment of taxes. Soon the cult player must repay a debt of almost 15 million euros. The Spanish authorities have appealed to the court to start the case on Ronaldo. Despite the fact that the striker has already repaid part of the amount, it continues to pursue the bailiffs.

Cristiano Ronaldo – the malicious defaulter of taxes. His actions caused damage to Spain nearly 15 million euros. Now it’s time to return multimillion-dollar debt. The authorities have filed a lawsuit in the name of Ronaldo. According to the charges, and the amount of debt accumulated over 5 years, from 2011 to 2014.
A famous athlete, starting in 2011, paid taxes to the Treasury of Spain, as a foreigner, who worked in the territory of another state. However, Cristiano Ronaldo always lived in the country and was a citizen. Accordingly, the tax rate had to be higher.
When the player realized that the smell of fried. He immediately repaid part of the debt on taxes to avoid prosecution. The Treasury Spain Cristiano returned 6 million euros. Apparently, the money was not enough and the government still sued him in court. The case stated for consideration. If the Spanish court will satisfy the claim, the player can not only oblige to pay the whole debt, but also to pay a penalty, which gathered over 5 years of tax evasion.
We will remind, on June 8 Cristiano Ronaldo became the father of twins – daughters of eve and son MATEO. And though the network has said that a close friend of footballer Georgina Rodriguez pregnant, children carried by a surrogate mother. In the same way six years was born the first son of a striker, who was named in honor of his father – Cristianos.