Криштиану Роналду готовится стать отцом близнецов Children for soccer stars hatching a surrogate mother. Foreign media say that kids Cristiano Ronaldo will be born very soon. The future father, according to his friends, incredibly happy that his six year old son appears brothers.

      The star of the Madrid football club “real” and Portuguese national team, 32-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo is preparing to become the father of many children. The surrogate mother who bears kids for a famous athlete, pretty soon bear him two sons.

      Foreign media reports, obtained information from sources in the family of Cristiano Ronaldo, reported that the famous football player with incredible enthusiasm and excitement is waiting for the appearance of twins born.

      “Cristiano can’t wait to meet new family members. He tries to hide his personal life, but told his close friends that the twins will be born very soon. He feels that the time has come to have his son appeared brothers with whom he will grow”, — quotes the words of an anonymous source edition of the Sun.

      The woman, the bearing of heirs to the stars of world football know nothing. There is only evidence that the surrogate mother is in America, where will be born the twin of Cristiano Ronaldo. Then newborn boys will give their father will be waiting for them in his luxurious mansion on the outskirts of Madrid. Probably in the house everything is ready to appearance kids.

      Note that Cristiano Ronaldo is the eldest son, who in June will be seven years. The boy is the namesake of his famous father, and his goals also gave birth to a surrogate mother.

      Recall that Ronaldo has long met with Russian model Irina Shayk. The relationship of football and fashion models lasted about five years. The couple divorced in January 2015. The news shocked many fans of celebrities, who believed that Cristiano and Irina are perfect for each other. Later the information appeared about the fact that Ronaldo and Shayk have split up due to infidelity of the athlete. According to the tabloids, the initiator of parting became Portuguese. Now Irina Shayk happily in a relationship with Hollywood star Bradley Cooper, who soon will give birth to an heir. Irina Shayk showed rounded belly

      According to foreign publications, at the moment, Cristiano Ronaldo meets with coach Cassandra Davis. Last fall, photographers managed to catch the football in the arms of a sultry native of Mexico, one of the us beaches.

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      The couple did not hide their feelings: Ronaldo and Davis cuddled and in every way showed sympathy to each other. However, an official statement from sports stars has not yet been reported.