Криштиану Роналду запечатлён с мамой во время отдыха

The waterboy Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates the victory of the Portuguese team at the Euro 2016, having gone with his family to Ibiza. Local paparazzi early in the morning found a rather funny picture: the legendary footballer was basking in the sun, and his mother buttered his 200-million feet. Cristiano sunbathing on a private white yacht, and thanks to the efforts of his Mama, his legs were protected from the rays of the sun. So cute!

Recall that with his previous girlfriend, Russian model Irina Shayk Ronaldo broke up after she refused to go to a party on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the mother of her boyfriend, and it is no secret that the woman didn’t like bride of her son, and Irina was no exception. The row over the refusal Shake to celebrate my mother’s birthday. Cristiano was the last straw in the crisis of the pair, and they broke up.

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