Cristiano Ronaldo helped a dog shelter

Криштиану Роналду помог собачьему приюту

How can you not love him? Cristiano Ronaldo has again done a good deed. This time for our little brothers. Player helped one of the animal shelters in Portugal.

Help 32-year-old striker Madrid “real” was not material, however, due to his actions in the near future 80 dogs to their normal lifestyle.

Cristiano signed one of my shirts and sent the owner of the orphanage Liliana of Santa. The parcel was in transit for several months and only today made it to its destination. Received a gift from Ronaldo woman plan to sell it at auction. The money she will pay for the services of veterinary doctors, will improve conditions at the shelter and buy food for the animals.

Than you not a good thing? Earlier, Ronaldo gave shelter to several four-legged friends from the shelter in his house in Madrid living with two dogs and one cat.