Cristiano Ronaldo forced to back a multimillion-dollar debt

Криштиану Роналду принуждают вернуть многомиллионный долг The player did not pay nearly 15 million Euro. The Spanish authorities appealed to the court to start proceedings against Cristiano Ronaldo. Despite the fact that at the end of may, the man made some, it didn’t help him avoid prosecution.

Famous Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo accused of deviation from payment of taxes. The Spanish authorities filed a claim in the name of the famous athlete. According to authorities, the man was not made to the state Treasury of approximately 15 million Euro. Such a large amount has accumulated in the period from 2011 to 2014.

Cristiano Ronaldo became to pay taxes to Spain in 2011 as a foreigner working on the territory of another country. In late may, the man paid off with a debt of six million euros to avoid prosecution by the authorities. Apparently, it was not enough to change the situation.

The weekend saw the information that the footballer Portugal became the father of twins. According to media reports, this occurred on the eighth of June, however, the representatives still did not comment this news. According to some, Cristiano had a daughter who was named Eva, and son MATEO.

Despite the fact that until recently there was much discussion of pregnancy sweetheart athlete Georgina Rodriguez, of children carried by a surrogate mother. In the same way appeared the firstborn of the stars of the Spanish club “real Madrid” six years ago. Cristiano Ronaldo, congratulations with the birth of twins

The player tried to ensure the woman, which were born him children, maximum comfort. In March it became known that it lies in one of the best clinics of the USA. Son of an athlete’s name is Cristiano. Reporters learned that the boy carried a Mexican woman, who after childbirth never saw the child. Ronaldo himself constantly speaks of love to the heir, sharing his pictures in his Instagram.

Now well-known athlete will have to pay off a multimillion debt. As reported by Reuters, today the court of Madrid had initiated proceedings against Cristiano Ronaldo.