Cristiano Ronaldo confessed to relations with men

Криштиану Роналду сознался в связях с мужчинами The whole world is discussing the outcome of the Madrid Derby, but not because of football. After the match, Cristiano Ronaldo entered into a verbal altercation with the midfielder “Atletico Madrid”. He accused the Portuguese in sexual orientation. The sports star is extremely emotionally reacted to the attack of the opponent.

      Криштиану Роналду сознался в связях с мужчинами

      31-year-old footballer Cristiano Ronaldo blasted the Network is a Frank recognition. The athlete admitted to sexual orientation. This happened after the Madrid Derby between atlético and real Madrid, in response to sharp criticism of Ronaldo’s side, Atletico Madrid has been booked by Jorge, better known as Koke. After the match the man got into a verbal argument with Cristiano, it happened in the locker room. Hot Portuguese could not restrain his emotions and reacted to another attack Koke, who accused Ronaldo of homosexuality. Foreign media reported the contents of a private conversation.

      “Yes, I’m gay, but I have a lot of money, you bastard,” he blurted out Cristiano Ronaldo and Koke.

      It should be noted that the Madrid Derby ended in a triumphant victory of real Madrid. During the game, especially Ronaldo, who scored Atletico’s three goals.

      Fans of one of the sexiest men on the planet can only guess whether the recognition of Ronaldo true or these words were dropped on emotions. Hardly a replica of Cristiano can be called a full-fledged coming out. It is likely that in the future the athlete will be given an official comment on this topic.

      Recall that the Portuguese had previously suspected men. According to rumors, he’s having an affair with kikboksera Badr Hari, for whom, according to Western tabloids, the player regularly flies to Morocco on his private jet worth 14 million pounds. “Just got married. Ha ha” – these words Ronaldo signed a joint photo with Hari.

      Криштиану Роналду сознался в связях с мужчинами

      According to foreign publications, at the moment Cristiano is Dating coach Cassandra Davis. Photographers managed to catch the football in the arms of a sultry native of Mexico, one of the us beaches. The couple did not hide their feelings: Ronaldo and Davis cuddled and in every way showed sympathy to each other. However, an official statement from sports stars has not yet been reported.

      Recall also that Ronaldo has long met with model Irina Shayk. The relationship of football and fashion models lasted about five years. The couple divorced in January of last year. The news shocked many fans of celebrities, who believed that Cristiano and Irina are perfect for each other. Later the information appeared about the fact that Ronaldo and Shayk have split up due to infidelity of the athlete. According to the tabloids, the initiator of parting became Portuguese.

      Cristiano Ronaldo – one of the highest paid players in the world, plays for the club “real Madrid”. In 2010, the athlete became a father. Son Cristiano was born from a surrogate mother.