Cristiano Ronaldo becomes father for the second time

Криштиану Роналду станет отцом во второй раз

Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has a son, which he after a brief affair gave birth to a fan. Now a small copy of the athlete for five years, but, despite the fact that Cristiano never married, he still dreams of a second child and is ready to implement this plan.

Western media reported that last trick Ronaldo on the field suggests that he will become a father. On the eve of the team Cristiano Real Madrid over Celta Vigo (with a score of 7:1), Ronaldo, fooling around, hid the ball under the shirt, feigning pregnancy. Fans of the athlete are confident that Cristiano will give to the son a brother or sister. Moreover, in December, the media has already excited fans of cute football player news about what he’s looking for a surrogate mother.

And in a recent interview to one of editions Ronaldo said he was willing to bring up “five or six kids”, but the main thing for this –”find the right girl”.

His son Cristiano loves and often talks about it in interviews.

“I never thought that the birth of a child is so incredibly would change my life. He is my best support. I’m glad I became a young father,” says Ronaldo.

At the same time, the ladies have gained the reputation of a person sexual orientation – he is credited with an affair with a Moroccan kickboxer, joint photos which are a riot of his pages in the social network.

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