«Плакала три дня подряд...» Семья Галины Боб пострадала от опасного вируса Коксаки в Турции
The little son of the star of the series “Deffchonki” contracted an infectious disease.

Galina Bob with my son

Photo: @galabob Instagram Galina Bob

Galina Bob has shared the sad news. The actress said that during a holiday in Turkey, her eldest son, two year old lion, was the victim of a Coxsackie virus. The actress published this news in his microblog, where in detail about how the Lion was manifested infection.

“I’ve never seen level 40 on the thermometer, until that day. I cried for three days straight at the sight of the huge festering blisters, Osipovich body to my ginger… He was delirious and could neither eat nor sleep nor walk… Before the trip I read that there is such a virus, and the main thing — to comply with hygiene standards and do not swim in the pool! Loew is not bathed! Wash fruits,wash your hands 100 times a day, but it did not save…

Door handles in public spaces after all, no one wipes after each person to touch their child! Of course not! Nobody will pay attention, how many people touched the chair on which at dinner is to sit your child! Of course, it caused a local doctor, he said that the Coxsackie raging that hospitals are overcrowded and therefore treated at a hotel! We are already in Moscow, today is the 8th day of the disease, continue to be treated. Temperature gone, and the pimples gradually disappear. And most importantly, a good mood”, — shared his emotions the actress. Fortunately, the younger son of Galina’s three-month Andrew the fate of his brother escaped.

By the way, now in Belek rest and Ksenia Borodina with her two daughters. Before the trip, Ksenia said that he is not afraid of the Coxsackie virus and its main method of struggle against infectious diseases — positive thinking.