Credulity Lisa Arzamasova interferes with her life

Доверчивость Лизы Арзамасовой мешает ей в жизни
Actress Lisa Arzamasova caught the fancy of the audience after participating in the TV series channel STS “Daddy’s girls”.

Доверчивость Лизы Арзамасовой мешает ей в жизни

Fans admire her kindness, harmlessness.

Lisa herself says that because of her gullibility over her constantly joke around with friends.

“Very! Something I have a sense of humor happens from time to time. Guys say that to me is uninteresting to play the first of April. I really believe it! So they themselves in the middle of the drawing have to admit that it’s all a joke, so I really not upset,” says the actress.

In recognition of Arzamasova, she tries not to lie to anyone and say it like it is.

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