Credit history: why do the stars of show business do not have a relationship with the banks

Кредитная история: почему у звезд шоу-бизнеса не сложились отношения с банками Collectors daily pestering famous people, regardless of their status. Some celebrities hire expensive lawyers and hastily rewrite the property to relatives, others lose earnings, and others on the background of the financial collapse losing their families. “StarHit” decided to tell you about the most high-profile banking scandals of celebrities.
Кредитная история: почему у звезд шоу-бизнеса не сложились отношения с банками

Ilya Reznik

Recently the wife of the famous composer Ilya Reznik Irina Romanova admitted publicly on the social network that her family suffered from the actions of collectors.

Saddest of all, as the woman wrote that it was a Bank error. No money famous people were not supposed to. However, the “bouncers” are required to return a substantial sum for sister Irina, which incorrectly awarded the return of 180 thousand rubles.

The claimants ignored the official documents on the debt that they brought relative Romanova and continued to harass the family, phone calls, threats, emails, sms and even personal visits.

Кредитная история: почему у звезд шоу-бизнеса не сложились отношения с банками“Normal life, we are now deprived. If anything happens to our loved ones, who will be responsible for the crimes of the collectors?” – asks the wife of the butcher in the pages of social networks.

A few days ago, Irina has shared new details of the history of the social network. Collectors occupied the apartment of the butcher, while the household was absent. According to neighbors, a suspicious person tried to break down the door and left only when he realized that the place caused by the police.

Karina Mishulina

A similar case occurred in the family of a famous actress Karina of Mishulin. The family of the stars of the series “Fizruk” attributed debt, which in reality was not.

Assistants Bank started to harass the artist over the phone. Collectors are now demanding the return of a loan made by another person. The woman explained that he knows of the debtor, but has no relevance to the amount taken in the Bank.

“One man, with whom I worked fifteen years ago and haven’t seen him for eight years, took a loan at the Bank and somehow indicated in the documents our phone number. Terrorize us for a year! No arguments do not help: we explain that do not communicate with this person, but the calls do not stop. Sometimes they hear at eight in the morning, and end threats”, – said the actress.

Mishulina recently reported that aggressive collectors in the social networks of her daughter and began to annoy her with phone calls. Are also worried about the mother of the artist. Their threats they almost brought the woman to a heart attack. The police just shrug and say they can’t help Karine. To this day, the actress and her family lives in constant fear of another trick from the bouncers. Ex-husband of Karina of Mishulin refuses to support the daughter

Alexander Gingerbread

The life of a TV presenter has dramatically changed since a few years ago, he was tempted is one of the Russian banks.

Gingerbread decided to take out a loan to build for himself and wife a small house in Balashikha. However, the dream of a country estate and have remained dreams, to which has been added and the tangle of different problems.

First, unscrupulous developers have stopped the construction of the house, citing the lack of permission to land. By that time, the family entertainer has already returned a large sum of money to the Bank, about 80 thousand of the 100 needed. But the Bank did not consider any popular entertainer, nor his integrity in the long-term benefits, and simply imposed the fines and brought the case to court.

Amid the endless calls from collectors with threats and financial difficulties, the marriage of Alexander fell apart at the seams. After the bailiffs have closed the road leading over the border, the man remained without earnings. Then the wife left him.

“There were complications because the bailiffs have blocked travel abroad, I worked as a TV presenter and talked about travelling to different countries – this was my only nurse. So, I had no home, no family, problems at work and Bank debt,” said Gingerbread.

Bank passion to this day do not cease. But the showman with optimism looks ahead and believes that to cope with leaning difficulties. Besides, in this situation, Alexander blames only himself. Regrets that once believed seductive advertising of the Bank and integrity of its employees.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Problems with the banks of the famous actress so serious that she had to hire lawyers to rewrite their property to relatives.

So, for example, recently a lawyer for the actress has managed to defend its position in Arbitration court, which asked the Bank to recognize Zavorotnyuk bankrupt.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk to avoid bankruptcy

And the beginning of the story took in 2014, when a celebrity has a chance to issue the credit in currency. During the crisis the ruble fell sharply and the debt Anastasia has grown exponentially. Concessions star bankers did not go, refusing to transfer the loan amount into the national currency. Now the lawyer of a celebrity and then convinces the court to draw attention to the fact that the star lives in Russia, where he received a salary in rubles. While this difficult question wins the pot.

The marshals have already seized the land of a celebrity in Krekshino, not allowing the actress to sell it in the name of repayment of the debt.

Anna Sedokova

This exquisite star of show business from total bankruptcy was saved by logic and common sense. As recognized earlier in an interview with the singer, it is time to evaluate their financial situation and expenses. Comparing one with the other, the woman realized that money falls into the abyss.

After the divorce with her second husband Maxim Chernovsky celebrity on the verge of bankruptcy. For the sake of their children, she rented a huge country house for 7.5 thousand dollars. A caring mother, wanted to create children with the best conditions. Once Anna realized that her expenses exceed income. Previously earned money wasted away, and daily work is not allowed to earn a luxurious life.

When the Bank account of the singer was empty, she began to live within its means. Together with her two daughters moved into a cramped one-bedroom apartment and pay off debt. Today, the actress likes to say that people “fit into the credits” only because he wanted to be perfect and create a beautiful life. And in time she could give up this illusory financial success and become real.

Tatyana Larina

Last year, on the verge of bankruptcy turned out to be a member of the popular TV project “Battle of psychics” Tatyana Larina.

The financial crisis has affected her and her husband, renowned psychic and rival for the project by Julius Mydevice – Galecki suddenly. Money literally melted in his eyes, when came the economic collapse. Luxury living in a townhouse in one of the prestigious suburbs of St. Petersburg has become not affordable by the celebrities.

The star of “the battle of psychics” Tatyana Larina broke up with her husband

The family moved to a small apartment. When you move the husband and wife themselves packing their belongings and transporting them on your own machine. Taxi and services to carriers have become for them a luxury. About the problems with the banks Tatyana does not spread, but often repeated in various interviews that her family is on the verge of bankruptcy and she became the sole breadwinner.

Kira Plastinina

Fashion designer Kira Plastinina also faced banking problems. Last year she got sued for 500 million rubles.

Кредитная история: почему у звезд шоу-бизнеса не сложились отношения с банками

The company “Kira Plastinina style” got into this difficult financial situation that the lawyers suggested to the owner to declare itself bankrupt.

The collapse came at once. Within two years, fashionable boutiques brought large losses. As mentioned businessmen with great experience, it has long had to sell. Moreover, it had invested about three billion rubles and successful project had to begin to pay off, and he was only brought large losses. For example, in 2014, the fashion stores that are popular among Russian and foreign stars, destroyed the owner of a billion rubles.

The court has started to consider the matter of the stores of the designer, the main points, which is a violation of the lease premises.

Nikolai Fomenko

Similar story happened with the TV presenter Nikolai Fomenko. Taking one large sum in the Bank for a business promotion, he got into debt.

Opening in 2007, a company called Marrusia Motors, Nikolay, together with a friend took out a loan in the amount of 65 million rubles. In 2014, the firm production sports car went bankrupt and officially declared itself bankrupt.

Despite the fact that the organization has ceased to be profitable, the Bank demanded through the court to return the entire remaining amount of the debt. And oddly enough, the same 65 million rubles. In the tangled history of the showman’s lawyers claim that their client did not take the loan, do not sign any papers and ready to prove it in court.

Raimonds Pauls

Famous Latvian composer faced with such Bank derision that initially even took them for a joke.

All his savings he was keeping in one of the banks. In 2012, the financial institution went bankrupt. At the moment on account of the Pauls was almost 700 thousand lats, which translated into rubles is about 1 million 200 thousand.

By law, the Bank had paid compensation of a celebrity in the amount of 80 thousand lats. Famous musician and even explained, saying, humanly his frustration is understandable, but by law, the Bank has fulfilled all its obligations. The frustration in the structure reached its climax when the Bank mistakenly charged to the account of Raymond LVL 100, and then sent a letter asking them to return the money, which he does not belong.

“I thought that messing with me! After I stole a lot of money in the Bank, it turns out that I owe the Bank 100 lats. In a letter written – if I do not give, I will sue and go to jail. I wonder how many years we should jail those who stole everything from me?” – was indignant then Pauls.

A large part of the savings of the legendary composer never managed to recover from the financial institutions.