Crazy! From Kardashian and West are also problems in marriage

С ума посходили! У Кардашьян и Уэста тоже проблемы в браке

After Jolie and pitt’s divorce stated several famous couples. No exception, and West with a Kardashian.

With her first husband, basketball player Kris Humphries, Kim lived for two months, filing for divorce! But with Kanye, it would seem, is another story! Their relationship is tested over the years… Even friends believed that Kim and Kanye fit together like Yin and Yang. It seems that this time close to the couple was wrong. Starry site faced problems in the marriage. Rumor has it that Kardashian’s husband and no day can not live without quarrels.

“Kim doesn’t want anyone to know what is really going on between her and Kanye. She does everything to look like a couple madly in love. But in fact, they’re always fighting,” said the source in an interview with In Touch.

Kim and Kanye argue forever about the education of children, 3-year-old North and 11-month Saint. Husband of obladatelnitsy the most prominent priests in the world is sure, that children need discipline and the mother, while Kim often shifts the responsibilities of nurses, and communicates with senior North like a friend. Leads her to fashion shows in beauty salons… Instead of blame for pranks!

In addition, the rapper believes that he made a “rebranding” of the Kardashian family, turning from reality stars to the most popular people in the world. But Kim has to fall at the feet of the husband with gratitude unwilling. Maybe because the amount on her account five times more money pious?

Maybe the legs on rumors are growing most of the other places. For anybody not a secret that recently Kim published a book, which energetically promoting in all possible ways. Some say that the news about the quarrels between the spouses is another advertising ploy. But as they say, wait and see.