Сумасшедшие скидки и заманчивые акции в салоне «Коленкор»

The choice of “clothes” for Windows — it is complex and requires major investment. It is important to take into account the many nuances: a kind of curtains on the Windows, the material of their manufacture, ability to transmit light, the organic nature in the interior. Interested buyers begins to seem that the curtain of dreams will cost you a tidy sum, but it’s not as if you can use one of the suggestions of the salon “Calico”. Regular promotions, discounts, sales and bonuses — all this will help significantly to save money and decorate the window with modern practical curtains or blinds.

In conditions of economic crisis it is very difficult to buy for the repair and decoration of house immediately everything you want. Our company meets requirements of its clients and offers several loyalty programs. So, for any newcomer there is a 10% discount on all products site, every third electrocars will cost 50% cheaper, and weekly on Wednesdays blinds 15% more affordable.

And this is not a complete list of all offers from “kettle of fish”. In addition to regular promotions and discount programs that are seasonal or holiday bonuses. So, in connection with new year holidays, all fabrics for curtains from leading European manufacturers can be ordered at a price 20% below the standard.

For those interested in the arrangement of a country house or flat and also for owners of public buildings provides a loyalty program, according to which every fifth window will be issued free of charge.

But “Calico” is not just a convenient salon discounts. Here offers buyers and design services, which, if necessary, can visit a house or apartment in need of decoration that is already in place to advise owners the best option of window decoration, and hence the entire interior. Own sewing shop, owned by the company, leaves no doubt that customer requests are fulfilled accurately and on time. To complete the design of Windows directly on this website you can order the curtain rods, accessories and sun items.

Salon “kettle of fish”, whose website address is http://kolinkor.ru/akcii is not an ordinary shop window treatment, but it is a place where anyone will be able to profitably equip your home, office or public institution in accordance with the leading trends in the world of interior fashion and also according to your own wishes.