Крабики, боб, рыжий цвет: самые модные прически этой осени

Hairstyles a La “I woke up and immediately went to the people”, textured Bob, which is not losing ground this season, scrunchie, crabs and other hair accessories from the 90s — SPLETNIK.RU tells how to cut, color and style your hair to be in trend this fall.

50 shades of red

Muted, slightly burnt copper hue looks incredibly cozy — just right for the coming cold of autumn. In Instagram, this trend has famously called Flannel Hair (how to write foreign colleagues, “trend, inspired by an old shirt of your father”). In fact, this is a mix of deep red and rich brown tones such as the chestnut and cocoa.

Color generation

To replace the once popular “millenialism” pink, “melodramatic” purple and “safe” orange came new color yellow “generation Z”. This fun hue which, experts say, inspired by the optimism of young men and women born between the mid-90s and early noughties. While most blondes are buying purple shampoos and doing everything possible to get rid of the yellow potona, follower of a new trend safely say Yes to fresh trends.
2018 can be called the era of yellow. We can find as the Balenciaga outfits and kitchen appliances, this cheerful shade. Yellow is uplifting, says celebrity stylist Sophie Hilton.


Pearls in her hair

#shimmer is the new trend in painting that first captured the social network, and then, as usual, briskly moved to the podium. It is a glossy Shine to the hair, which gives glow and glossy highlights on the hair if they generously applied the highlighter or glitter eye shadow.

Brand L’oreal Professionnel along with six hair stylists and six makeup artists (including Mario Dedivanovic and Patrick That) even developed a separate range of colors Color Addict Shimmer that will make hair ultrabilisim.

I woke up like this

Hairstyles a La “I woke up and immediately went to the people” is as relevant as ever. Tails and different variations with them — bundles, as Meghan Markle and harnesses — should not be deliberately slick and smooth, it is important to the natural texture of hair.

Laying in the style of punk rock

Neutercane, slightly tousled curls with volume on one side, like Madonna, look good both long and medium length hair. Similar stacking has been demonstrated by shows of autumn-winter 2018-2019 Max Mara and Miu Miu.


Back in the 90s

Crabs, zigzag headbands, headbands, headbands and, of course, the same scrunchie — all passionate, and all our favorite accessories popular in the ‘ 90s are back in fashion. The first has given the trend new life Redken creative Director Guido Palau at the Alexander Wang show. Already this season, at fashion Week in new York, Anthony Turner surprised everyone at the Prabal Gurung show, when put on his head models of zigzag headbands.

Orlando Pete on the show Tom Ford showed how to wear wide black leather armbands, and stylists Zadig & Voltaire embellished the hairstyles of the models large hair clips with rhinestones and crystals. If that season experts from the world of fashion strongly advised us to tuck hair behind the collar, it is now possible to fix the curls on the neck with a choker, as did Odile Gilbert on the show Jonathan Simkhai.

Крабики, боб, рыжий цвет: самые модные прически этой осени Крабики, боб, рыжий цвет: самые модные прически этой осени Крабики, боб, рыжий цвет: самые модные прически этой осени

Autumn starts with coffee

Have you ever looked at a glass of iced coffee from Starbucks and admired how beautifully dark shade at the bottom smoothly into the lighter? Colorists inspired by this drink and offer us a hair dye in a shade of the Cold Brew. It is about this color, ask your Barista, that is a hairdresser, the next time you come to the salon. For color Foundation can take coffee beans and different roasts will produce a tone as Bella Hadid or Penelope Cruz.

Expert Wella Denis Skakunov told how to choose your perfect shade:

Owners of brown eyes and warm skin tone will suit a range of warm shades from dark chocolate to amber shades. Blue, green eyes are perfectly combined with warm and cool colors. Winter color type is suitable for cold shades. By the way, they are good with small patches of chocolate — it will make the hair visually thicker and thicker.

As for the hair, with the coloring you can think of anything. This season fashion houses offer us romantic images — beautiful and flowing curls, wet hair, beach wave. An indispensable tool for such hairstyles will be a lotion for styling with thermal protection. For Example, Wella Shockwaves Perfect Blow Dry Volumiser. For texture, use styling gel spray the Sea Salt Texture, and the glossy effect sugar gel Texture spray N’ Shine.

Not again and again

The hottest haircut for fall 2018 — it … (tadam) Bob! But Bob this year was much shorter.
The length should be shoulder length. Equals Dewan, jenna Tatum, not only straighten hair, and do a textured Bob. This hairstyle will refresh the image, but if you get tired of it, then return its length will not be difficult. Bob will make you feel more modern — I promise,— said a famous hairstylist Arsen Gurgov.

Which trend do you like the most?