Кортни Лав задолжала полмиллиона долларов
The singer was in a quandary.

Courtney Love


As it became known, the tax authority of the United States stated that Courtney Love
568 owed him thousands of dollars. Moreover, this is not the first claim of the Agency to the singer. So,
just last year, Love has paid its
old debt Dating back to 2009.

Although the new claim “tax” will not, most likely Courtney to bankruptcy, to repay the debt it will
it is not easy. After all, the bulk of his fortune she inherited from her husband, Kurt
Cobain, voluntarily departed from life in 1994. Since then, Love did not constrain itself in expenses and the money flowed
her “fingers”. Besides, it’s a huge amount spent on different
kind of “doping”, which was fond of until recently. And its income,
meanwhile, there have been irregular…

The only thing that can be comforted Courtney in his difficult situation
it’s the fact that she was able to settle a long quarrel with his
the only daughter of Cobain — a 24-year-old Francis. After all, when the girl
was 17, she sued for emancipation mother
explaining that “I do not want to live in the same house with a drug addict”. However,
and later she didn’t want to put up with her mother. She doesn’t even
invited mother to the wedding to musician Isaiah Silva and told her about his
marriage just after the ceremony. Courtney tried then “save
face,” saying that she
his will refused to come to the celebration, but few believed her. And
only after her divorce from husband Francis has decided to review its relationship with the
mom. Moreover, Courtney, as she claims, really “done” with
drug and now her communication with her daughter is not obstructed. So now Love is finally established with Francis a stable good relations.