Courtney and Chloe Kardashian boasted buttocks

Кортни и Хлои Кардашьян похвастались ягодицами

Representatives of the star of the family continue to demonstrate in the social networks the best that they have.

In the absence of the main sisters Kim, which comes after a robbery in Paris and in social networks does not appear, the banner was picked up Courtney and Chloe and made a real parade, the publication of regular images with their own fifth point they have called “pop Parade”.

The photos appeared on Snapchat Courtney first, she published a picture of Chloe sunbathing in a swimsuit, and then unveiled your own rear.

Pictures emerged just a day after ex-boyfriend Courtney Scott Disick (who, if you believe the rumors, she once again came together) posted on Instagram a photo of her – in the picture the protagonist again become the buttocks of his girlfriend.

However, Chloe in his Instagram also does not deny himself the pleasure to show the world that the gluteal muscles in the family Kardashian full order.