Courteney Cox undresses to a bikini and gets in the hot tub with David Beckham

Кортни Кокс раздевается до бикини и попадает в горячую ванну с Дэвидом Бекхэмом

Кортни Кокс раздевается до бикини и попадает в горячую ванну с Дэвидом Бекхэмом

Courtney said that starred in one of the main roles in the final season of the TV series “American family” along with David Beckham, Eric Storstroem and Jesse Tyler Ferguson!

Courteney Cox, 55 years old, and David Beckham, 44, felt very comfortable in a hot tub together! Dressed in swimming trunks and bikinis, this sexy couple was spotted in the Instagram post published by Courtney on October 25! Despite the fact that the video was initially confusing and could be understood ambiguously. Courtney also posted a photo with the stars of “modern family” Eric Stonestream, 48 years, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, 44 years! And as it later turned out, this video is a snippet of the filming of the final season of the series where both stars are involved.

Кортни Кокс раздевается до бикини и попадает в горячую ванну с Дэвидом Бекхэмом

The former star of “Friends” looks amazing. She was wearing black bikini swimsuit, gold Hoop earrings and a massive gold chain. Courtney totally looks 20 years younger than her passport age. David also showed his elastic inflated torso, he was dressed in a flowing black boxers. Four seems to be in a Jacuzzi in a gated Spa — which was apparently due to the cozy-looking white coat behind them. And we can’t wait to see in the series, what are they doing in this episode! Under this insane video Courtney wrote: “Too hot in the hot tub!”. Although we’ll have to wait and see what exactly happened in that Jacuzzi. However, on his page on Instagram, Eric Stonestreet wrote that he “liked”!

According to reports Entertainment Weekly, David and Courtney, playing themselves, competing in the ABC sitcom. The pair appears in the storyline around the bowling tournament celebrities, but quickly becomes involved in some family drama Pritchett. They get into an adventure that leads them to an aerobics class at the pool. And later in the steam room with Jacuzzi!
The soccer star also shared in the photo with Courtney on October 25. However, the Duo in his post fully clothed! “I met a new friend at work today”, — he signed photo, on which both kept the script.
David was a longtime fan of the show. One day, the family will be complete, namely Victoria Beckham and their children Brooklyn, 20 years, Romeo, 17 years old, Cruz, 14 years old, and Harper, 8 years old visited the set of the series. Victoria documented the tour on social networks. Especially fans liked their joint photo in the living room Dunphy!
As we already reported, the 11th season of “American family” will be his last successful Comedy series ABC.

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