Кортни Кокс рассказала о неудачных пластических операциях

52-year-old actress Courtney Cox being honest about a negative experience, plastic surgery and the growing up daughter.

American actress Courteney Cox (Courteney Cox) shared a negative experience in plastic surgery in the TV show “man vs. wild (Running Wild).

“I tried to keep up with the times, tried to catch the youth. Aging beautifully is not easy, but I learned my lessons,” says Cox.

The star of the series “Friends” (Friends) admitted that not all attempts to restore youth was successful. One of the operations has caused complications, then Cox decided not to appeal to surgeons.

“There are things that I regret. Well, that all the negative consequences of the operations was gone. Now my motto is: let everything be as it should be,” said the actress.

Make yourself the star helps daughter Coco (Coco). “There is something good that you get older. For example, you can watch your daughter grow up. It’s so funny, sweet and sensitive — she took all the best from my husband,” says Courtney.

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