Кортни Кокс сожалеет о пластических операциях

The star of the show “Friends” actress Courteney Cox have reconciled with old age. Age-related changes finally ceased to torment her and push to the table of a plastic surgeon.

52-year-old actress looks great for her age. She never hid the fact that appreciates it’s not only mother nature, but magicians with scalpels. But more recently, Courtney has decided to slow down and allow yourself to grow old nobly, not turning yourself into a pinned Botox doll.
“Your aging is tough to accept. But I got a good life lesson. I’ve been trying to stop the natural aging process, but are unable to do so. I understand that it is simply impossible. Now, sometimes, I look at your photo and I get scared and disgusted. I’m sure I look awful. Some accepted my decision was wrong, but I realized too late. part, their impact is less noticeable.
Now I have a new motto: let happen what should happen. Aging, like growing up, accompanied with various wonderful things, and I can see it in his daughter.” -said Courtney.
Recall that Western professionals who sought the advice of journalists, argued that Cox had a facelift at least four times. After one of these operations her face is not only swollen, but also lost a familiar face.

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