Courteney Cox has re-engaged with johnny Macadam

Кортни Кокс повторно обручилась с Джонни Макдэйдом
The actress has forgiven the unfaithful lover.

Courteney Cox with her daughter Coco and johnny Macadam

Photo: Splash News/East news

As reported by the overseas edition of “Life and Style”, 51-year-old actress Courteney Cox
resumed her engagement to 39-year-old johnny Macadam that she terminated
in the autumn of last year. Moreover, according to, the actress has already found a site and
his future wedding: it is expected this fall at the home of the groom in
— Ireland.

Courtney and rocker meet the Macadam from the end of 2013.
They met when he was helping her work on one of her film projects,
and their friendship quickly developed into romance. And in June 2014 they announced their
the engagement, and did so very original — with the help of Twitter.

Courtney was already planning his wedding
told me that wants to confine itself to a modest but dignified ceremony… But
suddenly they broke up. According to the official version, this happened due to the fact that they are unable to agree where they
to live in London or Los Angeles. But gossips claimed that the case was quite
not that. Actress, alleged, suspected
fiancé of infidelity and hired a private detective to follow johnny.
Moreover, the results of the work of a detective only strengthened her suspicions…

However, it’s only been a few months, and coke
with Macadam reconciled. In any case, the Catholic Easter in March this
years, they as if nothing had happened, met together. Since then they constantly were together,
and near them are often seen and 11-year-old daughter Courtney — Coco — from her ex-husband David actress
Of Arquette. And the girl looked quite happy, because she has long been dreaming to
mom remarried…

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