Courteney Cox caught kissing with former fiance

Кортни Кокс застали за поцелуями с бывшим женихом

In December last year, actress Courteney Cox and her fiance, the musician johnny McDaid terminated his engagement, but after the Easter holidays, which former lovers spent together, all talking about resuming their relationship. Now we’ve got proof of this information.

A few hours ago the star of the popular TV series “Friends” and Macdade caught kissing. 51-year-old Courtney and 39-year-old johnny were in the lenses of the paparazzi at Heathrow airport.
Sources claim that, after separating in December last year, they didn’t stop talking, and after some time decided to resume his novel. Coke is very hard experienced a breakup with johnny, because she’s already practically planned their wedding with meticulous Monica. Who knows, maybe this time they will walk to the altar.

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