Courteney Cox and her daughter Coco are similar like twins

Кортни Кокс и её дочь Коко похожи словно близнецы

Кортни Кокс и её дочь Коко похожи словно близнецы

Courteney Cox and her daughter Coco looked like twins in the gorgeous selfie, when together they enjoyed the Thanksgiving Day celebration!

Courteney Cox, 55 years old, and her 15-year-old daughter Coco Arquette with years look more and more like twins. They looked great in the picture published by Courtney, on his page on Instagram on Thanksgiving. 28 Nov Courtney has published a charming photo of herself and Coco says: “I am so grateful for her!!!”, and this similarity looks even weird. Courtney looked great and fresh. In the picture she is dressed in an incredibly beautiful orange dress with a deep V-neck and a short silver necklace. Meanwhile, Coco was a black sweater and Hoop earrings. My daughter and mother had thick black hair, which they put in the same style. Which gave them even greater similarity. Even the makeup of both beauties were made in the same style smoky ice. Their charming eyes painted eyeliner, and on her lips was lipstick ludowego shade.

Кортни Кокс и её дочь Коко похожи словно близнецы

Not only that, they looked like twins, it seemed that they had an amazing Thanksgiving. This became especially clear when Courtney posted a photo of himself on the same day, dressed in my burnt orange Maxi dress where she is lying on the sofa, sleeping with three dogs on it. She signed the photo “Tryptophan”, joking that the Turkey made her exhausted. In photos published on her page, you can see that celebration in the family, Courtney was really emotional and family cozy.

Courtney and Coco is only in recent years become more similar. And it’s so incredible, the age difference from them is a bit much for 40 years, and Courtney while this could easily pass for thirty years the girl, who cannot be a mother of such grown-up daughter. Coco is also often shares photos of her and her mother to Instagram. 18 Oct Coco published their selfies with the exact same haircut shoulder-length, parted in the middle, like her mother. The only difference between them was the photo of Courtney wearing glasses Aviator.
We can’t know for sure how similar Courtney and her daughter. But we can say for sure that the mother and daughter looked gorgeous when spent Thanksgiving together!

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