Court of Australia ruled on the smuggling of dogs johnny Depp and amber heard

Суд Австралии вынес решение о незаконном ввозе собак Джонни Деппа и Эмбер Херд

Today, the court of Queensland made a decision about the smuggling of dogs johnny Depp and amber heard on Australian territory.

Considering the case for almost a year, the court ruled that the defendant is partially innocent. Responsibility for the incident took on amber heard. Earlier we said that the actress faces a 10 year prison sentence and a fine in the amount of nearly 200 thousand dollars. However, the court took into account sincere repentance of the defendant for what he did and decided that amber will have to pay a fine of $ 1,000. In addition one month she will be under the scrutiny of law enforcement officers that will monitor her behavior.

It should be said that not last role in sentencing played a video that recently published Depp and Hurd.

Celebrity couple publicly apologized for violating Australian laws.

We will remind, a year ago amber heard imported Yorkshire Terrier — Pistol and Boo on Australian territory, thus violating the law on quarantine. Neither Hurd nor the crew of her private plane failed to inform the authorities about the presence of dogs in the country. The crime was revealed only when the puppies were brought to a local dog Barber, and their photos spread across the local media.

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