The courier knocked down journalist Alena Doletskaya This morning it became known that journalist, publicist and creative consultant Alena Doletskaya knocked down by a courier on an electric scooter.

Courier knocked down journalist Alena Doletskaya It was in the evening at one of the pedestrian crossings on Ostozhenka. Alena, together with her assistant, was crossing the street on a green light, when the Delivery club delivery courier drove into them.

The courier knocked down journalist Alena Doletskaya

Alena was still lying on the pavement , and a policeman was already nearby, but while he was asking what happened and whether help was needed, the courier quickly drove away from the scene, and the policeman did not give chase and also left. A young man passing by gave them water, but since parking is prohibited in this place, he also left. ” alt=”The courier knocked down journalist Alena Doletskaya” />

Doletskaya got home on her own, changed clothes, and then went to the emergency room to “remove the beatings”.

As a result, a fracture of the navicular and tan brush of the right hand was diagnosed, also numerous bruises, damage to soft tissues and hematomas.

“We feel fine, although we are still in shock,” Alena told her fans.

Well, since she told the police about the incident, an investigation is underway .

Maybe even find a “night racer”.

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