«Не смогла сдержаться»: Юлия Пересильд показала уникальное фото дочек
For someone like children of actress and Alexey Uchitel?

Yulia Peresild daughters

Photo: @juliaperesild Instagram Yulia Peresild

Yulia Peresild leads closed personal life. Artist uses social media for work, and all the rest: children, beloved man, sharing the life… that leaves the “frame”. Today on the occasion of “women’s” holiday Julia showed touching photos with their daughters, Maria and Anna. March 8, in the microblogging Peresild there was a family the artist.

“You , my dear subscribers, know how rarely I post children but there is a gentle… couldn’t resist. Love. My love for them is immeasurable, limitless… I melt… dissolve in them. Congratulations to all the girls with March 8. One wish — love in all its manifestations. A lot. Spread the love with this space generously. It all returns,” explained his action by Julia.

“The girls are wonderful! Like their mother!” “What tender. Happy holidays to you, my beauties!”, “What a picture! It’s just a bottomless ocean of tenderness, here is a photographer who could so fabulously gentle and heat capture”, — write fans Peresild.

Recall that December last year Peresild first came out with her daughters and their father Alexei Uchitel. Star parents came to the children on the traditional Bosco ball held at the Bolshoi theatre. A couple only last year decided to confirm the rumors that went long on his novel. Externally, the children of Julia more like a father. But the Teacher says that the girls have inherited my mother’s character.