Не выдержал: Колин Ферт подал на развод после 22 лет брака

Не выдержал: Колин Ферт подал на развод после 22 лет брака

Unfortunately, not all relationships can be saved after a long crisis, especially if this resulted in betrayal. The British 59-year-old actor Colin Firth on Friday, December 13, said that divorcing his wife Livia Goodgolly. It seems the man was never able to forgive her infidelity that happened 2 years ago.

The representative of the actor, made Friday a public statement. He said that the actor has been asked to give the press some information. Colin’s divorcing his wife, but continues to combine the love for joint children. They remain close friends and do not want to give publicity to your divorce. Also the representative of the actor said that more comments from former spouses will not receive, it is only their statement, the couple asks to be kept confidential.

The public, the news was not surprised, everyone expected that the actor will file for divorce in the beginning of 2018, when it became aware of the constant infidelities of Libya. Her persistent boyfriend Marco Braganca even gave an interview on this subject. He said he fell in love with Libya as a young boy, and immediately realized that the woman for him is the only thing in this world. Marco then admitted publicly in love Goodgolly. The intrigue occurred in the moment when Livia and Colin took a break from his family life, however, the press learned only some time later.

However, the woman decided that her marriage to Colin is much more important and decided to try to return to her husband and to restore the former relations. The fact that it is in this period of his life was in other respects, the woman hid from spouses.

Marco at that point was very much in love and is concerned that the woman returned to her husband, leaving him alone. He tried different methods, but nothing helped, then the man began to blackmail her lover. He promised to drain into the network of photos of them together and tell the press everything. When blackmail didn’t work, he just he wrote to Colin, fully placing the man in an awkward position.

After some time, Libya remained nothing how to admit her husband of infidelity. Firth long time thought what to do and decided to start a conversation with a former lover of his wife. “You made me suffer, but I know you’re too easy,” said the actor to his opponent. Colin has forgiven his wife, but their marriage after infidelity lasted almost 2 years. At the moment they still decided to divorce.

The star couple have two kids together: 16-year-old Matteo and 18-year-old Luca. I hope parents do manage to maintain friendly relations for the sake of their sons.

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