Could not resist: Buzova boasted their you

Не удержалась: Бузова похвасталась своими лубутенами

Leading “House-2” has gone to buy expensive shoes and three times told the fans about the new thing.

Like many other stars, Olga Buzova sometimes asks its subscribers, which, by the way, more than 4.5 million, for help. Then the choice of dresses to decide, with the color of clothing. And so it happened this time, when the star went for a new you and the choice of lost my head.

“Help! I know that they are all different. But still what?” asked Buzova fans and published a collage in three different pairs of shoes.

Fans had to choose from three classic pump heels. Some were open toe and yellow heel, main with blue heel and closed toe, and the third is completely yellow. Not an easy task… the solution to connect more than 8 thousand people. They voted in the comments has a lot of tips.

After an hour Buzova chose a pair of number two with a blue stud and boasted purchase. The next day, Olga again showed the shoes, wearing them with a yellow suit their own brand.

Selection of Oli, by the way, the fans approved.

“Great! And shoes here very fit”, said members.

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By the way, love Buzovoy to you is not a tribute song by the band “Leningrad”, “Exhibit”, a long-standing affection.

“I love shoes of this brand. They are insanely comfortable and beautiful. I and high heels are inseparable – confessed glamorous blonde in an interview with a journalist from Woman’s Day. — Can’t live without heels, I wear them winter and summer!”

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