Не выдержала: Бритни Спирс обратилась к недоброжелателям через видео в социальной сети Instagram

Не выдержала: Бритни Спирс обратилась к недоброжелателям через видео в социальной сети Instagram

Last time American singer Britney Spears is experiencing not the best period of his life. The patience of a celebrity ended, and she published a post on the social network Instagram, where he applied to all the detractors and asked them to stop writing negative comments on her page.

Every day is not the best news for the singer, she faces problems, often in the family. The followers did not cease to write to her that it was bad to look your age, very old, bad turned out to be unexpected pictures that made the paparazzi. Britney never responded to such comments, but apparently, tired of the silence and finally spoke about this, referring directly to the offenders.

The movie itself, which has published the singer, has a very positive energy. It celebrity cute decorate your house and Christmas tree for new year and Christmas holidays. However, the accompanying text, she wrote, has a very serious information.

She wrote that always opened for her fans and every day she shares with them what happened in her life. However, each time it gets harder to do it for the fans. Spears asked the enemies to go past her posts if they have something if they are not satisfied. Anyway, she claimed that they just unsubscribed from it because it doesn’t make the watch. In her opinion, to mock other people and write nasty things, this is simply unacceptable. And at the end of his emotional speech, the singer wished all his fans a good and exciting holidays, thus ended on a positive note.

Sam Asgari — beloved Britney, not passed over such roller and supported his chosen comment.

The man said he is often faced with the fact that the man writes great shit while hiding behind a phone screen. And when it happens the moment an unexpected meeting, then immediately pretends that he is an ardent fan of a celebrity.

Fans supported the singer, however, I noticed that not all negative comments are written to hurt her. Some people just do not know how to speak properly, but they’re really just worried about their idol.

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