Корин Олимпиос не вернётся в шоу «Холостяк в Раю»

Corrine Olympias will not return to the show “the Bachelor” after everything she went through with the chief member of the show, Demario Johnson. Recall that a few weeks ago the filming in Mexico film crew and the participants of the show rested in the Villa. Having touched alcohol, Corinne without hesitation waded in the Jacuzzi bachelor, and he did not deny them both the pleasure. The next morning Corinne Demario accused of rape, but the main culprits were named producers of the TV program, which … didn’t stop Olympios halfway to the Jacuzzi.

At the time of the investigation of the shooting of the show, which is planned for July, was suspended, but guilt in the actions of Demri no one saw. After a week break, the process was continued, however, without Corinne. The girl will continue its own investigation and is going to prove to everyone that she is a victim, not a Dasher.
“In light of the vast amount of misinformation that was circulated in the media, I want to clarify some things. My intention over the past few weeks was to learn and understand what happened on 4 June. Although I’ve never filed complaints or indictments of anyone associated with the program “Bachelor in Paradise”, my team and I felt that it was important to get to the bottom of what happened. I felt like a victim of the fact that others judged me using conflicting and unsubstantiated reports, while I do not remember the events that happened,” she said through a representative, the Wall Rosenfield, and added that the producers are kindly asked her to return to the show, but she decided not to.
Recall that Corinne has (or had) a boyfriend and she didn’t want to spoil relations. The fact that she went on a TV show to seek fame and “build your love”, a young man around the court, it doesn’t.