Корнелии Манго срочно потребовался отдых The singer suddenly decided to leave the Crimea. Together with her husband Bogdan Durden Cornelia Mango will spend a few days on the coast of the Black sea. Fans wished the young family to relax and recharge.

      In mid-June, the graduate of “factory of stars-7” Cornelia Mango was married to her beloved Bogdan Dyurd. The couple has arranged a Grand celebration in the style of a beach party.

      Cornelia, unlike many stars who decide not to change your maiden name after marriage, did not follow their example. Now a newly formed family has the surname Dyurd. After a month and a half after the wedding, the couple went to the Black sea coast. The musicians decided to spend time together in Yalta. As Cornelia explained, this idea came to him spontaneously.

      “If you lose me for a few days, I don’t pick up and so on… We just freaked out, got in the car with Bogdan took the dog and went to the Crimea”, – wrote in the microblog Cornelia.

      Fans were happy about this sudden decision of spouses and wished them to gain wonderful experiences and have a good rest. “Good girl, and you need spontaneously, the coolest vacation”, “How to love your pair which you live one”, “happy holidays,” he wrote to fans of artists.

      Now followers are waiting for colorful photographs of spouses on vacation. They admire the sincerity of feelings between Cornelia and Bogdan and repeatedly noted that the artists glow with happiness when they are near each other.

      Not long ago, the artist told his fans that he is going to spend their honeymoon abroad. Soon the couple will travel to the Philippines. Cornelia Bogdan have already started to collect things and all the necessary documents in order not to forget anything before leaving. Photo of Cornelia Mango swimsuit became the subject of controversy

      Before the wedding, Mango and Dyurd acquired luxury housing. They had planned to move there immediately after returning from the honeymoon. The graduate of “factory of stars” told “StarHit” what Bogdan insisted that they needed to acquire their own housing, and not to live in rented apartments.

      “We are very hard on yourself. But I used to think that it’s better to live in a rented apartment because you did not hold. But now that we will soon be a family, we decided to invest and buy their homes. I’m so glad that all calculations were done by my man because I don’t know how to save money,” said the singer.

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