Cornelia Mango twice changed religion

Корнелия Манго дважды меняла веру The singer was born a Muslim, but for the love of accepted Orthodoxy. Cornelia Mango took the religion of her husband. While meeting with his elect Bogdan Dyurd, the star visited the Protestant Church where prayed for a successful marriage.

      Singer and artist Cornelia Mango, became popular thanks to participation in the project of the First channel “Factory of stars-7”, as you know, last summer she married her beloved Bohdan Dyurd. Cornelia Mango and Bogdan Dyurd got married

      Family creation for a famous 30-year-old singer became very serious and prudent step. Cornelia Mango took not only her husband’s name, but turned to his faith. The couple were married in a small Church in Evpatoria.

      Not so long ago the singer published in Instagram photos taken during this sacrament, than has provoked a lot of questions from my subscribers about religion. Cornelia Mango told that he came to Orthodoxy immediately. She was born a Muslim, at a young age, attended a Protestant Church and was baptized there. Having met his beloved Bohdan Dyurd who is an Orthodox believer, Cornelia also adopted this belief.

      “I was a Muslim, but when I grew up I wanted more knowledge, and the Mullah I wasn’t told. Quran in the Russian language was not, – said Cornelia Mango. Therefore, the knowledge I picked up in the Christian Protestant Church in Moscow! Two years taught the Bible and when they realized that they are ready, baptized. This was five years ago. Long singing in worship and praying for husband ! And when I did, I realized that God has United us. But the wife should go to Church for husband. So I was in the Orthodox Church wanted to baptize. So said my father! And after we were married in the Orthodox Church.”

      Recall that the wedding of Cornelia Mango and her lover, beatboxer Bogdan Dyurd took place on 16 June this year. The lovers got married in Kutuzovsky registry office. Specially for the wedding arrived, the father of Cornelia, living in Portugal.

      With the organization of celebrations, the singer and her fiancé helped the Agency “Svadberry” led by Anna Goradia whose services are used by many Russian stars. The celebration of the event held in the style of a beach party. As friends of the newlyweds the very creative people at the wedding had a lot of competitions and surprises, dances and songs.

      Young family intend to settle down in a luxury residential complex in Mitino, an apartment which the couple acquired before the wedding. According to the singer, they are very hard on yourself. First Cornelia had nothing against rented apartment, but after I realized that when it comes to family, it is better to buy your own property.