Cornelia Mango told about diabetes

Корнелия Манго рассказал о борьбе с сахарным диабетом

Three years ago, Cornelia Mango was diagnosed with diabetes. Dangerous disease, which first came to her as the beach as bad luck, was a revelation.

The first time Cornelia was in shock. She was in the hospital with a heart attack, her vision worsened with each passing day, and the mood was, to put it mildly, not the most iridescent. She thought. that God thus punishes her for her sins. Some time diabetes has become a Mango for a brake, but it was necessary.
“Now I realize that I had to stop ! ! ! After I wised up , and prayed for health and for my husband and after 1 year became acquainted with Bogdan ! The first time I couldn’t control the flash of anger from sugar , but over time, Bogdan started to understand and speak me in a moment of anger it’s not you it’s the sugar ! So keep yourself in hands ! But not all men stand it ! I was very lucky ! And now I’ve learned to control everything in your life !” said Cornelia.
Mango started to eat right, past bad habits and addictions, and now he wants to say to everyone who has faced this disease: diabetes is not a death sentence.
“Diabetes, lady is not a sentence this is a new stage of life ! I at that moment God helped and of course Church !!! But now I learned to live with this disease ; as well as everything ! Snowboards , waxer, extreme ! I loved it before and after love even more though ;))) like the doctors said !” — stated optimistically-minded celebrity.