Cornelia Mango is preparing to change the name

Корнелия Манго готовится сменить фамилию
The singer admitted that after the wedding she will take her husband’s name.

Cornelia Mango and Bogdan, Durg


Already in June will be held the wedding of Cornelia Mango and Bogdan, Durg.
The preparation for a celebration goes at full speed. The star has already decided on a wedding dress —
it hangs in her closet.

“I chose the dress of their dreams. It is lush, and white
sits on my body perfectly, ” says Mango. — Bogdan wedding dress, of course, not seen.”

Cornelia to connect with
her husband not only married in the registry office, but also the Church
the blessing — the wedding. Happens
two events almost simultaneously. “I’m Cornelia, Durg.
Be sure to take the surname of her husband, — says the singer. — So on stage soon
will not Mango Cornelia, and Cornelia, Durg. I believe that the family should live under
one name”.

We will remind, with his fiance Cornelia Bogdan found
for about two years. They met on the project of the channel “Russia-1” “I can.” In
the project musician Bogdan Cornelia taught beat-Boxing. Interestingly,
shortly before meeting Cornelia gave myself a vow: no Dating men
just. She prayed to find a chosen one from a good family.
When Cornelia understood that between her and Bogdan gave it a shot, singer
told the young man: “I promised God not to fall in love, yet he I don’t
give husband. And he is not exactly in the dreads and eight years younger”. In response, Bogdan
assured that him that God has sent, because his name is Bohdan, which means “God given”.

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