Cornelia Mango is preparing to become a mother

Корнелия Манго готовится стать мамой The singer is “basic training” from friends. Cornelia Mango happy to babysit other people’s kids in anticipation of his birth. Vocalist, which is half a month will be married, learning to treat babies.

      Корнелия Манго готовится стать мамой

      The singer Cornelia Mango, which this summer is get married with her lover Bohdan, Durg, apparently, does not intend to postpone the birth of heirs. The singer has already started as to the most important and responsible role in the life of every woman, decided to create a family, to the role of mother.

      Thinking about the future to give her future husband a son or a daughter, Cornelia had already begun to prepare themselves for motherhood. The singer is “courses of the young fighter” friends who have had children. Singer, which is still in the status of the bride, happy to babysit other people’s babies, anticipating the imminent appearance of his heir. On the eve of Cornelia Mango was published in the microblog photo taken during a walk with one of her friends and her newly born baby.

      “How cool today was to walk with daughters Irina! I walked and studied motherhood”, – signed photo of Cornelia Mango, immediately after receiving an invitation from another friend to come babysit her kid. It is worth noting that in the same statement, the singer mentioned that they appreciated their relationship with Bogdan, which makes her day and night to be together and gives her the opportunity to enjoy fellowship with friends without his presence.

      It is known that in this pair there is harmony and mutual understanding. Cornelia Mango, which recently turned 30 years after the wedding is going to take her husband’s name, despite the fact that her name is already quite well known in Russia.

      As you can see, marriage for is very strong and balanced step. Besides Cornelia Mango adheres to traditional views on family and believes that husband and wife should be not only common views and interests, but also the name. The marriage of corneli Mango and Bogdan, Durg will be held on June 16. The wedding will be held in picturesque place on the Bank of the Moscow river. Only the ceremony will invite about a hundred people, friends of the newlyweds. To congratulate Cornelia marriage will come her friends from “American idol” as well as from other projects where she had previously participated. The concept of the celebration will be in the style of a beach party offers a lot of fun, competitions, songs, dancing and numerous surprises.

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