Cornelia Mango is preparing for the wedding

Корнелия Манго готовится к венчанию
The singer, who will soon be married, keep a strict fast.

Cornelia Mango and groom Bogdan

Cornelia Mango is preparing for the wedding with her lover
Bogdan. The singer sincerely believes her groom God sent. It is not surprising that
lovers have decided to do everything by the rules, including, and prepare for
sacrament. One of the necessary conditions of preparation of the strict observance
Great post.

The singer, who since childhood suffers from diabetes, has
it is not easy. But she, like a real fighter, not giving up. “Gee, wrote
the singer in his microblog, accompanied by photo evidence of meter — device that measures blood sugar. — Soon end
post, two weeks left. It is difficult, of course. I understood why the priest says,
that the sick and infirm not to fast! But with Bogdan we decided for our
future together before the wedding
fasting in the name of the Lord. Hold on.”

Wedding the popular singer is scheduled for June, and the preparation for a celebration goes at full
swing. The star has already decided on a wedding dress — it hangs in her closet.
However, Bogdan — according to ancient tradition, wedding attire has not seen. Cornelia
connect with her not only by marriage, legalized in the registry office, but
and the Church’s blessing — the wedding. Two things will happen almost
at the same time.

“We have everything already planned, — has shared with Cornelia. — Six months after
engagement wedding, a year after the wedding — baby. We all are prepared
in advance, carefully thinking through each step”.

We will remind, with her fiance Bogdan Cornelia Dating for about two years. They met on
the project of the channel “Russia-1” “I can.” In the framework of the project the musician Bogdan taught
Cornelia beat-Boxing. Interestingly, shortly before meeting Cornelius gave himself
vow: not to date men just. She prayed to find
itself chosen from a good family. When Cornelia realized that between her and
Bogdan flashed a spark, the singer said to the young man: “I promised God
not to fall in love, until he will not let me husband. He certainly will not in the dreads and on
eight years younger”. In response, Bogdan was assured that his God sent, because it
name Bogdan means “given by God”.

“And then I understood, — says the happy bride. — I’m happy now and
busy the most enjoyable pre-wedding hassle”.

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