Cornelia Mango has found a new way to make money on the wedding

Корнелия Манго нашла новый способ заработать на свадьбу The singer did some street performing and joked that raises money for the celebration. Cornelia Mango and her fiance, Bohdan Durd will soon become husband and wife. And now the couple are actively preparing for the upcoming ceremony.

      Корнелия Манго нашла новый способ заработать на свадьбу

      Before the wedding of a popular singer Cornelia Mango and her fiance, Bohdan Durd left quite a bit of time. In the summer, 16 of June will be the celebration that you are waiting for not only lovers, but also all close pairs, as well as fans of the participant “Factories of stars-7”. The bride and groom has long been filed in the registry office and are now actively preparing for the wedding – choose a wedding dress, think the design of the hall of celebrations and many other little things. And although the couple does not declare how much it intends to spend on the occasion, fans can guess that this figure is considerable. But the resourceful singer decided to play a trick on passers-by and jokingly said that raises money for the wedding, having arranged together with the bridegroom a small street performance.

      Directly into one of the Moscow streets corneli Bogdan and put the microphone, and Durdy took up the guitar. Judging by the happy faces of passers-by, an impromptu speech, everyone loved it. They gladly stayed to hear the singer’s vocals. But how much money have you managed to make artists, not reported. But, it is likely that Cornelia and Bogdan gave a mini-concert for the soul and to the delight of all passers-by, and not to earn.

      Now Cornelia is actively preparing itself for the upcoming marriage. Like any bride, she wants to be the prettiest girl at the party. Mango decided to lose weight and has an individual program of weight loss. There is the procedure of ultrasonic cavitation, daily sports training and diet – Cornelia observes meatless diet that excludes high calorie and unhealthy foods.

      The bride is already excited about the joy of family life with his 22-year-old lover. The singer adheres to traditional views on marriage. Despite the fact that she is a creative person and everyone in show business knows her as Cornelia Mango, she intends to take her husband’s name.

      Also, she is already preparing herself to be a mother. She became interested in all the tricks of raising children of their friends who raise heirs. The actress is happy to babysit the kids, anticipating that soon will give birth to their own. And friends, apparently, happy to share their experiences.

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