Cornelia Mango for a month before the wedding is staged extreme sports

Корнелия Манго за месяц до свадьбы устроила экстремальный отдых
Over the weekend the singer’s fiancé gave a quest game in the woods.

Корнелия Манго за месяц до свадьбы устроила экстремальный отдых

Cornelia’s fiancé and his brothers

Cornelia Mango admitted that she loves extreme sports and nature. This
love, in all probability instilled in her the project of the First channel “Last
hero Forgotten in Paradise”, in which she participated back in 2008. Apparently
bored on the drive, the singer, along with her future husband Bogdan decided to spend
weekend in the country. Young people went to play in the Quest for the nature, traveling
through the woods on ATVs.

“Emotions are running high,” admits Cornelius. — Bogdan with
brothers today, doing all the dirty work: pulled the ATV out of the mud and
drove off-road. The most important thing is a small BBQ after
solve the quest! This part I love the most”.

Корнелия Манго за месяц до свадьбы устроила экстремальный отдых

Cornelia Bogdan

And after an active adventure with Cornelia Bogdan, has arranged
imagine a romantic vacation by the fire.

“A single whole with nature,” admits Cornelius. —
The costume really helped to protect from dirt! It was so much! The whole face was like
Dalmatians! After the project “Last hero”, I realized that I love the extreme and ready for any adventure, travel,
Hiking in the mountains and live in tents. Not all we agree with Bogdan, but love
for nature unites us! Family always will be and there are no disputes, but the important thing is to be able
to talk to each other!”

Cornelia Mango

We will remind, with his fiance Cornelia Bogdan found
for about two years. They met on the project of the channel “Russia-1” “I
I can.” In the framework of the project the musician Bogdan Cornelia taught beat-Boxing. I wonder
that shortly before meeting Cornelia gave myself a vow: no Dating
men just like that. She prayed to find a choice of
a good family. When Cornelia understood that between her and Bogdan flashed
sparkle, the singer told the young man: “I promised God not to fall in love until he
he will not give me a husband. And he is not exactly in the dreads and eight years younger”. In
reply Bogdan assured that it is something God has sent, because his name is Bohdan, which means

Wedding of a popular singer is scheduled for June, and
the preparation for a celebration goes at full speed. The star has already decided
with the wedding dress — it hangs in her closet. However, Bogdan —
ancient traditions — wedding dress is not seen. Cornelia to connect with his
chosen not only by marriage, legalized in the registry office, but also the Church
the blessing — the wedding. Causes two events to occur almost
at the same time.

“We have long all planned — shared with
Cornelia. — Six months after the engagement, the wedding, a year after the wedding —
child. Everything is prepared in advance, carefully thinking through each step”.

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