Корнелия Манго отпразднует вторую свадьбу
The couple moved to Astrakhan to throw another celebration in honor of the wedding.

Cornelia Mango husband

Photo: Instagram.com

Guided by the motto “the holidays not much happens”, Cornelia Mango
I decided to celebrate their recent wedding twice.
June 16 was the official ceremony and celebration in Moscow, and recently, the couple will once again walk in Astrakhan, the home of the singer.

“We like a true Russian
people: if the wedding, be sure two! Decided to make a second small
a wedding for family and of course my grandmother, who was unable to come to Moscow!” says Cornelia. The singer said that the wedding she arranges with her friend
which they had been familiar for 14 years.

We will remind, two weeks ago, Cornelia Mango was married.
The singer got married with her lover — DJ Bogdan Kutuzov
The registry office. The actress was preparing for the celebration for several months, meticulously selecting
the site for the future party, bridesmaid dress, forming the guest list. Mango decided to take her husband’s name — Dyurd. “I
I believe that the family should live under one name — shared with 7days.ru
star. So soon, the stage will be Cornelia Dyurd”.

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