Cornelia Mango about the illness: “God has punished my sins”

Корнелия Манго о болезни: «Бог наказал меня за грехи» The girl was able to learn to enjoy life, although suffering from diabetes. According to Cornelia Mango, she began to carefully monitor your diet, give up cigarettes and alcohol. The girl perceives the disease as a reward.

      Hard to believe that cheerful and bubbly Cornelia Mango a few years ago struggled with outbursts of anger that were associated with her illness. The singer was diagnosed with diabetes. On the day of the fight against this serious disease, the singer decided to tell what kind of suffering she had to move.

      “Three years ago, I received this as a reward, could not believe that I will be happy, healthy, and then it seemed to me that everything! Hell! And it could not be worse. I was lying in intensive care and I realized one thing: God punished me for my sins. But now I realize that I had to stop! After I wised up, and prayed for health and for my husband, and a year later met with Bogdan! The first time I couldn’t control the flash of anger from sugar, but over time, Bogdan started to understand and speak me in a moment of anger: “It’s not you, it’s sugar! So get a hold of yourself!”, – says Cornelia.

      According to the artist, only the most patient men can stay with his beloved in a moment. Cornelia believes she is very fortunate to have chosen. After some work on yourself, Mango was able to learn to control outbursts of anger.

      “I began to eat more healthy food and, of course, no cigarettes and alcohol in life! The only thing I want to say, my favorite, diabetes is not a death sentence, this new stage of life! I at that moment God helped and, of course, Church. But now I figured out how to live with this disease, as well as everything! Snowboard, waxer, extreme!”, – shared in the microblog Cornelia.

      Recall that the Mango happily married with beatboxer Bogdan Durden. The couple were married this summer. After the ceremony they flew to the home of her husband in the Crimea. It was there that the wedding of Cornelia and Bogdan. “Since all marriages are made in heaven, I was very nervous that day, but I had my husband and friend and of course my big Crimean family! In the Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker everything was perfect,” said Mango, laying in his footage of this gala event.