Шнуров встретился с Хрюшей и Степашкой

Controversial rocker posted a Instagram selfie to the company’s leading “good night, kids!”.

Yesterday Instagram of the leader of group “Leningrad” there was a picture in which he is depicted in the company of piggy and stepashky. Judging by his expression, the meeting made a strong impression on him…

“We met with the idols. Stepashka made new, and he is the one, true, from my childhood,” shared Sergey.

However, this photo was no surprise. Recently it became known that the Cords are a dedicated brawler, and uses foul language, decided to change the usual manner and recorded the song for the start of the program “good morning, kids!” – morning equivalent of the famous “Spouses” which will be aired on the channel “Carousel” from 1 September. A song that nobody heard but you can be sure a hundred percent here, profanity is definitely not take place!

Members of the singer immediately decided that he would make a great moderator for this transfer. And that, after the boxer Nikolai Valuev, who has acted in this incarnation, the Cords in the role of “uncle Serezha” has already would not have caused much surprise.

Recall that the last time the Cords increasingly breaks down related stereotypes. First became the leading new show about love on the First channel. Then starred in the promotional video of the Tretyakov gallery… is difficult to imagine what Sergei will be able to amaze the audience next time.

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